SOLAIR Conference 2019

Come and join us at the second year of SOLAIR Conference 2019: Human Centric Artificial Intelligence that will take place on 12 – 13 September 2019 in Prague.

Human centric Artificial Intelligence is based on the respect for fundamental human rights and values including the right to dignity, privacy as well as the principle of human autonomy. This concept represents the European Union’s approach to the powerful technology of Artificial Intelligence that should be used for the benefit of the whole human society.

Developing details of this concept was initiated by the European Commission that set up High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence in June 2018. Along the lines of developing an ethical approach to AI, the current laws need to be revised as well in order to facilitate responsible development and use of AI in order to provide clear rules and legal certainty. Given the borderless nature of the technology, discussions and agreements on the international level are necessary. The aim of this conference is to provide space for such discussions and to raise even more the awareness about important issues related to social aspects of this powerful technology.

The SOLAIR Conference 2019 will be divided into two days. The first day will be focused mainly on policy issues and the following topics:

  • Introduction of and discussion about the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI as well as Policy and Investment Recommendations drafted by the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence in 2019 together with a business perspective on ethical issues and the future of AI
  • Discussion of a non-paper on desirable future regulation of AI on the EU level and discussions about future international approach to regulating AI on various levels

The second day of the conference will focus on specific legal topics related to AI, such as liability, setting up legal standards for AI, autonomous mobility, compulsory licences, decision-making processes and AI etc.

We believe that the conference will interconnect the right people and help them to work together to achieve the ultimate goal of the Human Centric Artificial Intelligence approach which is empowering all people and bringing them the greatest benefits offered by the AI.

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